The Okuyutaka Tea Cultivar

Okuyutaka (おくゆたか) is a cultivar that makes a good quality sencha.

Its name comes from Yutakamidori, and from the fact that it is a late budding cultivar.

History of Okuyutaka

In 1958 at the Kanaya tea research center in Shizuoka prefecture, Yutakamidori was crossed with a cultivar named F1NN8.

F1NN8 comes from Tamamidori and a cultivar named Shizuoka zairai number 6 (静岡在来6号).

One of the seedlings was selected for further testing.

Fun fact: That same year, another seedling from the same batch was selected and it eventually became the Shunmei cultivar.

After passing tests in 1967 and 1976, it was recognized as a high quality cultivar.

Okuyutaka was registered in 1983 as tea cultivar 34.

Characteristics of Okuyutaka

This cultivar can be picked two days later than Yabukita, and has a higher yield.

However, its young leaves harden quickly, so there’s a short time window before the quality starts to decrease.


Okuyutaka fares well in cold weather.

It has a medium resistance to anthracnose, but it is weak against the gray blight and slightly weak against the white peach scale.

As a sencha, the leaves are deep green and can be rolled into a good shape.

The liquor has a yellow-green color.

It has a pleasant taste with good intensity, because it is high in sweetness and umami.

This cultivar has a relatively low amount of catechins and a high amount of amino acids.

Finally, it has a characteristic sweetness in its aroma.

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