Advertise in My Japanese Green Tea for a highly targeted marketing opportunity at a low cost.

The blog currently receives 5,000 users per month.

Most of the visitors come from the United States and Canada, followed by the UK.

The blog receives 86% of its traffic from search engines and it ranks well on a variety of Japanese tea related keywords.

As of April 2024

Advertising options

250 x 250 square on post content

Much larger than the usual 125 x 125 square, giving you more visibility. There are 8 slots available which rotate with each impression, showing 4 at a time.

They can can be seen clearly on mobile screens.

970 x 250 Billboard below header

Gather the most exposure with a large ad.


2 roting ad slots visible on every page

About podcasts and tea reviews

The podcast interview for companies is free, the only prerequisite is that you offer at least one Japanese tea. It’s also helpful if you ship to the US, Canada and/or UK.

Tea reviews are also free, but I do ask for a sample. Again, it must be a Japanese tea.


Payment is received through Paypal, all prices are US dollars.

Please note that there are no refunds on paid and delivered ads. I can’t guarantee performance, it depends on things outside my control such as ad copy and design.

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