Matsue: The World of Wagashi (Documentary)

Matsue the world of wagashi

This documentary aired on February of 2023 in NHK World.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets. They are often enjoyed with green tea.

Matsue city (松江市), is one of the 3 most famous places in Japan for wagashi.

The other two are Kyoto and Kanazawa.

The video is a little less than 30 minutes long, but time passed away quickly while I was watching it because it was fascinating.

All the sweets looked beautiful and delicious.

Another interesting thing about this documentary is the part where tea is served at a family’s house.

It looks like a roasted bancha.

While the specific type of tea isn’t mentioned, I’m pretty sure that it’s Hakuta bancha.

I want to visit Matsue city one day.


In my case, eating such refined wagashi and drinking green tea would be like being in heaven.

Click here to watch in YouTube.

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