The Yamatomidori Tea Cultivar


Yamatomidori (やまとみどり、大和緑)is a tea cultivar as old as Yabukita.

Yamato was originally a region in Nara, and then it became the ancient name of Japan. Now, it’s pretty much a synonym for Japan.

Thus, its name can be translated as “Japan green”.

History of Yamatomidori

In the Nara prefecture agricultural research center, seeds from zairai tea plants coming from the same prefecture were planted and the best offspring was selected.

It was registered in 1953 as cultivar number 10 with the name Yamatomidori.

Its purpose is sencha production, and overall it makes a good quality tea.

Characteristics of Yamatomidori

This is a late-budding cultivar, which gives it a strong resistance to cold weather. It can be harvested 10 days later than Yabukita.

The leaves are elongated and elliptical, about a medium size, and have a dark green color.

However, it appears that the yield at harvest isn’t so good.

This cultivar is unfortunately very difficult to find and has been largely replaced by newer cultivars. Only a few tea fields in Nara prefecture cultivate it.


I was only able to find that one picture above, and needless to say, I haven’t tried a tea made with Yamatomidori.

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