Tea and Coffee can Coexist

I believe that there’s no need to choose sides. During the day, you will have a chance to drink both tea and coffee.

While I really don’t drink coffee, my wife does drink coffee and tea each day.

In the morning

Some people do need a caffeine kick at the start of their day.

The same volume of coffee has on average three times the caffeine of green tea.

A cup of coffee (8 oz) can have almost 100 mg of caffeine, which is much more than a matcha bowl made with 2 grams of tea.

My wife drinks her coffee right after waking up.

Then she might drink a matcha later on.

During the day

Tea in Asia is often drunk during the day, with or without food.

In the West, it isn’t common to have coffee with lunch and dinner.

Some people might have their coffee after lunch, but that’s different.


My wife likes to drink a green tea after lunch. It is usually a genmaicha.

Since tea has such a wide variety or aroma and flavor, it lends itself more to food pairings.

Much like what happens to wine.

And a cold tea might be a good option for hot days, or after exercise.

At night

If you’re sufficiently resistant to caffeine, you might even drink coffee or tea at night.

But it’s more often the case that tea is chosen because its caffeine content is less.

I used to drink a lot of tea at night, but now I’m refraining from doing that.

A good tea for this time is houjicha, because it has almost no caffeine.

Do you drink both tea and coffee in the same day?

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