How I Pack my Teaware for Events

how I pack my teaware for events

Although nowadays most of the tea events that I do are virtual, I’ll give you some tips in case that you need to pack your teaware.

The basic idea is to protect everything so that nothing breaks.

Packing checklist

This seems unnecessary at first, but wait until you forget something important for a tea event 🙂

I just use my cell phone to write the list.

Since most of the events are similar, you can reuse the same packing list.

Packing the teaware

packed teaware inside suitcase

Foam wrap has worked best for me. Click here to see it in Amazon.

I used bubble wrap before, but later on I found out that the bubbles started to deflate with time. So now I don’t pack with it as much.

The first time I tried packing teaware I used adhesive tape, and quickly found out that it tended to rip the packaging apart after unpacking.

So now I use rubber bands. At least two for each item.

Once I pack everything, it’s time to put the teaware inside my carry on suitcase.


The heavier items should be at the bottom.

For similar items, for example tea cups, I sometimes group them together in a plastic bag.

There shouldn’t be too much space for things to move around. You can use more foam wrap to prevent this.

Packing the tea

Since tea leaves can easily be crushed, they should be on top of the teaware.

You can also consider placing the teas inside a hard container.

If I’m carrying many things in the suitcase, I usually store the teas in a backpack.


Unpacking takes some time, so I have to arrive to the place of the event early.

I use a separate plastic bag to keep all the rubber bands and another for the foam wrap.

That way everything is less messy.

Once I return home, I unpack everything again so that it dries completely.

Otherwise, the teapots and teacups might acquire a humid smell.

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