The Sainomidori Tea Cultivar

Source: Chiaki

The Sainomidori (さいのみどり) cultivar is a fairly new cultivar, since it was registered in 2003.

It is meant for sencha production and is suitable for cold or mountainous regions.

History of Sainomidori

In 1966 at the Saitama prefecture tea research station, the best naturally propagated seedling of the Sayamakaori cultivar was selected.

It was tested in 1980 and 1994, and registered as Sainomidori under Agriculture and Forestry in 2003, and under Seed and Seedling Law in 2006.

Characteristics of Sainomidori

Sainomidori is a slightly early budding cultivar.

It can be picked from 1 to 2 days earlier than Yabukita.

The yield at harvest is a little more than Yabukita, but less than Sayamakaori.

Regarding resistance to cold weather, it is the same as Yabukita.

It has low resistance to anthracnose, high resistance to the gray blight, and it is weak against the white peach scale.

This cultivar has good vigor and takes root easily. Again, similar to Yabukita.


As a sencha, it exhibits a good quality.

The leaves are bright and deep green, while the liquor has a golden color.

It has a good umami taste, and low bitterness and astringency.

Its aroma reminds of grains and steamed corn.

Finally, it has a flavor with notes of edamame.


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    April 13, 2021

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    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      April 14, 2021

      Hi Bill

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