The Fujikaori Tea Cultivar

Fujikaori (藤かおり) literally means “wisteria aroma”.

It’s mostly known for its jasmine fragrance.

History of Fujikaori

This cultivar was developed in Fujieda city, Shizuoka prefecture, by Mr. Morizono and Mr. Koyanagi.

In 1980, they crossed the Shizu inzatsu 131 cultivar with Yabukita.

Then they chose the best offspring and it was registered in 1996 under the seed and seedling law.

Characteristics of Fujikaori

It’s floral aroma comes from the Shizu inzatsu 131 cultivar, which is of the Assamica variety.

Chemically, this smell is due to a high concentration of methyl anthranilate.

This also happens in Soufuu, another cultivar that was developed with Shizu inzatsu 131.

Fujikaori is an early budding cultivar that can be harvested 2 to 3 days before Yabukita.

It exhibits much vigor, and has a medium yield when harvested.


The mature leaves have an oval shape and are quite big. They also have a deep green color with high luster.

Young leaves of Fujikaori have the same color and a needle shape. They are not as big, but they are a little thick.

It has a strong resistance to cold weather, anthracnose and the gray blight.

However, it is very weak against the bacterial shoot blight.

Regarding its taste, Fujikaori has good body and a notable astringency and bitterness.

Besides sencha, it is also used as a kamairicha and oolong.

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