Boke Bancha

Boke bancha
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Boke bancha (歩危番茶) is another type of sun dried (nikkan) bancha, but unlike Yoshino nikkan bancha it isn’t roasted at the end.

The name comes from Ōboke valley in Tokushima prefecture.

The place that it’s made in more quantity is Miyoshi city (三好市).

This tea has little bitterness and astringency, and offers a mellow flavor.

How Boke bancha is made

As with most regional banchas, the process is rather simple.

The tea leaves are harvested during the fall, and after being steamed they are left to dry under the sun in woven mats.

The leaves are unrolled and have wilted because sun drying takes a long time.

The finished leaves look very much like Awa bancha, which is also from Tokushima prefecture. However, the aroma is different.

How to prepare Boke bancha

I couldn’t find any information regarding brewing parameters, so it could either be just like a normal bancha, or by using a lot of water and long infusion time like kyobancha.

I did, however, manage to get my hands on a sample. Here’s the review.



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