Yannoko Tea Sencha Sagi

Yannoko Tea Sencha SagiSince I had a good experience with my first tea review from Yannoko Tea, I decided to try another one.

This sencha comes from Ujitawara town in Kyoto prefecture, which is inside the famous Uji region.

One interesting thing is that it’s a blend of two cultivars: Yabukita and Okumidori.

These two cultivars are often mixed, so they must make a good match.

A final and important aspect is that this tea is from the first harvest of the year.

Reviewing a sencha blend

The tea leaves exhibit a light sweetness. But the aroma itself isn’t as intense as I would have wanted.

The appearance is very good, all of the leaves are small, have a dark green color and the right shape.

Now that I think of it, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to take a picture of this green tea with a green background?

But I’ll just taste this tea and forget about photography, which I’m not very good at.

As usual, this sencha was prepared with 4 grams of tea, and 60 ml (2 oz) of water at 80 °C (176 F°). I infused it for one minute.

The wet leaves have a delicious aroma. Deeply marine, with vegetal notes.


Yannoko Tea Sencha Sagi brewedInside the cup, this tea has a clear yellow color with few sediments.

After tasting it, I’m convinced that it’s from the first harvest.

It has a balanced umami and sweetness. And of course, no bitterness nor astringency.

I felt very good after trying it 🙂

For the second infusion I kept everything the same, except the time. I infused it for 40 seconds.

This infusion was as good as the first one. Perhaps there was a bit less umami taste.

The color of the liquor became green.

But why stop there? This tea can offer a third infusion too.

So I did the same but for only 30 seconds.

The flavor was weaker, but I liked it nevertheless. There was some astringency present.

It’s a good sencha, it offers a high quality for its price.

Here’s the link to the product page.



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