Wakoen Arabikicha

Wakoen arabikicha

If I’m not mistaken, arabikicha can be literally translated as “coursely ground tea”.

This product sold by Wakoen is a high quality green tea powder made from kabusecha leaves.

Note that it isn’t a matcha, but rather a funmatsucha.

According to Wakoen, the goal was to make a powdered tea that looks, smells and tastes as close to loose leaf tea as possible.

It’s made with the first flush of mixed cultivars.

Arabikicha won the powdered tea award in 2016 at the Nihoncha Awards.

Reviewing a green tea powder

It’s been a long time since I reviewed a green tea powder.

At home, you can add any amount of water that you want, or you can use it as a culinary ingredient.

I decided to use 1.5 gr of tea and 120 ml (4 oz) of water at 80 ºC (176 ºF) and drink it in my yunomi.

But before preparing it, I’ll tell you about its aroma.


It’s very good for a powdered green tea. Feels fresh, with seaweed notes and sweetness.

I also find the color to be above average.

To prepare it, I just mixed it with a spoon after adding the water.

It dissolves easily.

Wakoen arabikicha brewed

Let’s try this green liquor.

It doesn’t feel too bitter nor astringent. I would compare it to a decent quality green tea.

There is some sweetness as well as body in this tea.

If one was to dissolve it in more water, it would be very refreshing and have a much lighter flavor.

But I like it this way.

I couldn’t help myself and prepared it as a matcha the next day. Although I forgot to take pictures of it.

It compares favorably with most culinary grade matcha. It’s feels very fresh because of the first flush leaves.

Here’s the link to the product page.

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  1. Mei
    June 2, 2020

    Looks delicious!


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