The Tea Lifestyle

the tea lifestyle
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Are you living the tea lifestyle?

I recently realized that this term exists.

While it changes depending on the local tea culture, I’ll attempt to describe it in this post.

Tea as part of the daily routine

Naturally, you can’t call yourself a tea lover if you don’t drink tea at least once a day.

The type of tea itself doesn’t matter as long as you’re drinking tea.

You may have your own tea ritual, and even use it as a tool for meditation or mindfulness.

Drinking tea often means slowing down. It also relieves stress.

The pleasure of taste and aroma

I can never get tired of the taste and aroma of tea, even though I mostly drink Japanese green tea.

Some tea drinkers are often tasting a new tea and learning more about it. However, others concentrate on the same teas.

After you find something that you really like, you begin to crave it every once in a while.


If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll find it easy to fall in love with tea.

The fact that a single plant offers such a big spectrum for your senses is astonishing.

Tea supports a healthy lifestyle

While tea lovers don’t drink tea just because of the health benefits, it’s a good bonus.

My belief is that tea enriches life more emotionally than it does physically.

Initially, people may get into tea because they are changing their unhealthy habits.

Tea doesn’t have much calories if you aren’t adding sugar or milk, and of course it will hydrate you because tea is 99 percent water.

Besides, if your hobby involves drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, you will be much better off in terms of health.

Don’t get me wrong, I do drink alcohol every now and then. But it’s much easier to enjoy tea all day as opposed to wine, for example.

Tea as a social lubricant

Tea has been playing this role for thousands of years.

Taking the time to prepare tea for someone is a sign of hospitality.

For Western tea lovers, it is a little harder because they can still be a minority. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t meet other tea lovers and organize tea sessions frequently.

I’ve spent hours drinking tea with friends, even at night. This may sound weird for people that aren’t into tea, but enjoying tea in this manner is very fun.

You can also connect with others in the online world through the topic of tea. I have made many new friendships that way.

Collecting tea and teaware

For some tea lovers, curiosity is their big driver.

What does a certain tea from this region taste like? How would a higher quality tea of the same type compare?

Each year it becomes easier and easier to obtain high quality tea from different parts of the world. Hence it lends itself to collecting.

The same happens with teaware. It’s easy to fall in love with just another small item.

I think that the beauty of the teaware pairs well with the beauty of the tea leaves.

Mental stimulation

I’m not talking about caffeine or L-theanine here.

There’s much to learn and explore in the world of tea.

It’s a chance to geek out about tea history, culture, cultivation, processing, terroir, tea producing regions, etc.

I have certainly improved my knowledge in geography thanks to tea.


  1. Sherlock_House
    October 17, 2019

    What a relaxing pleasure a good cup of tea in the afternoon, talking about its origin, preparation, smell, taste, …

    Congratulations on this friendly blog.

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      October 17, 2019

      Thank you for your friendly comment.

  2. kritika
    October 23, 2019

    If anyone asks me about Tea I will definitely suggest this blog. A well explained blog about Tea lifestyle, part of daily routine, social lubricants and many more

    Thank you

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      October 24, 2019

      Hi Kritika.

      Many thanks for liking the blog 🙂


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