Tezumi Asanagi Sencha

tezumi azanagi sencha

I’ve been worrying because tomorrow is an important day at work.

It’s about possibly acquiring a big client and taking the business to the next level.

But enough about that.

I’ll relax instead by tasting this Okumidori sencha from Wazuka, sold by Tezumi.

Let the tea tasting begin

This tea smells very fresh.

It has a deep sweetness, plus vegetal notes.

The tea leaves have a desirable dark green color, with luster.

Their size is also good, because they are small.

Up to now, it seems like a high quality sencha.

The brewing parameters are as follows: 60 ml (2 oz) of water at 80ºC (176ºF), one teaspoon of tea, and an infusion time of one minute.


After the infusion, the wet tea leaves have an aroma that’s marine, vegetal and lightly sweet.

tezumi asanagi sencha brewed

Let’s taste this pale yellow liquor.

It’s well balanced.

I feel a good body, with a long and fresh aftertaste.

In my opinion, it’s a classic sencha that’s easy to drink.

Not bitter at all.

Now I’ll make another infusion of 40 seconds.

This time there’s less umami taste.

But other than that it’s a good cup of green tea.

For the last infusion, I added boiling water for 30 seconds.

It’s still not bitter nor astringent, but the taste is light.

I definitely liked this tea.

Here’s the link to the product’s page.

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