The Yumekaori Tea Cultivar

Yumekaori (ゆめかおり) is the first Japanese cultivar that was specifically bred for the resistance to the white peach scale, a common pest for tea in Japan.

When withered, this cultivar has a pleasant floral aroma.

The name means “dream aroma”.

History of Yumekaori

In 1986 at the tea branch of the agricultural research institute of Miyazaki prefecture, Sayamakaori was crossed with Miyazaki number 8 (宮崎8号).

This was one of the many trials whose purpose was to find a cultivar of good quality that was also resistant to the white peach scale.

Eventually, Yumekaori was registered in 2006.

Characteristics of Yumekaori

Yumekaori can be harvested 3 to 5 days earlier than Yabukita.

It has good resistance to the white peach scale and the gray blight.

However, it is weak against anthracnose and the bacterial shoot blight.

This cultivar makes a sencha of good quality.


The sencha leaves are dark green, with luster.

It also has a sweet and floral aroma.

Finally, it also gives good results as an oolong.

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