A Japanese friend told me about this innovative product.

It’s a carbonated tea liquor called chanpan.

Instead of being made with grapes like champagne, this drink has “cha” meaning tea in Japanese.

It was developed about a year ago by Matsushitaen.

What’s so special about chanpan?

This liquor uses a special extraction technology to extract not just the taste of tea but also its color and aroma.

It has bubbles just like a sparking wine.

And of course, since it’s a liquor it has alcohol as well. 5%, which is about the alcohol content of a beer.

From what I’ve seen online, it does have the right aroma and taste.

It’s easy to drink, even for people who don’t like sparkling wines.

There is a fukamushicha version, a premium version made with top quality tea leaves, and also a wakoucha chanpan.


I really want to taste it.

Maybe one day when I travel to Japan again.

While I don’t drink much wine, I do like to drink other alcoholic drinks every now and then.

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