Sugimoto America Temomi Shincha

Sugimoto America Temomi ShinchaI’m very thankful to Sugimoto America for giving me this tea for review.

Temomi shincha (hand-rolled tea from the first harvest) is very rare and expensive.

It requires a lot of time and skill to make, and only a few amounts are available each year.

My first thought is that these leaves are unlike any tea that I’ve seen. They are thin and incredibly long, with a dark green color and a beautiful luster.

Sugimoto America Temomi Shincha leavesThere are no broken bits whatsoever, which is surprising because the leaves seem very fragile.

I smelled them and felt that the aroma was bold and similar to gyokuro. You can tell that this tea will have a rich flavor.

Tasting temomi shincha

The brewing instructions are as follows:

For the first infusion, use 10 grams of tea leaves in 75 ml water (2.5 oz) at 40°C (100°F) and steep for 2 minutes. For the second and third infusion, add water at 50°C (130°F) and steep for 1 minute.

temomi shincha inside houhinI used a houhin to brew this tea, as you can see in the picture. This tea yields three small cups in each infusion.

After serving the first infusion, the wet leaves give off a deep seaweed aroma.

It’s truly amazing, I though it was just like smelling sea water.

temomi shincha in cupsThe liquor has a pale yellow color. One would think that it tastes light as well, but it has a lot of flavor.

Sugimoto America compares this tea to an espresso, because it has a rich and strong taste. I agree, the taste is quite concentrated.

It has plenty of umami, the liquid feels very thick. I notice the same taste component as a gyokuro, but it isn’t astringent and definitely not bitter.


The aftertaste is also very good, there’s some sweetness to it.

Now comes the time for the next infusion. The flavor is very similar, but not as intense.

It’s also pleasant, but one can feel that the bitterness increased slightly. The same goes for the next infusion.

Sugimoto America Temomi Shincha  spent leavesThere’s another surprise at the end. The wet leaves have opened fully, and one can see that they are whole leaves!

That’s another indication that this tea is indeed hand-rolled.

Finally, the time came to fully enjoy the leaves. I used them as part of a salad 🙂

I highly recommend this tea. It is expensive but absolutely worth it.

Just looking at the beauty of the tea leaves was like admiring a work of art.

To order it, click here.

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