The Shizukaori Cultivar

The Shizukaori (しずかおり) cultivar is named after Shizuoka prefecture, and also because of its superior aroma (kaori in Japanese).

This cultivar is meant for sencha production.

History of Shizukaori

In 1989 at the Shizuoka tea industry experimental center, Okuhikari was crossed with Kuritawase.

The best seedling was selected, and it underwent tests from 2005 to 2011.

It was registered under the Seed and seedling law in 2015, and named Shizukaori.

Its use was recommended in Shizuoka prefecture that year.

Characteristics of Shizuokaori

Shizukaori can be harvested 2 days before the Yabukita cultivar.

Its leaves are elliptical in shape and have a pointed end.

They are also a little smaller than those of Yabukita.

The leaf color is a deep green, with more luster than Yabukita.


It has the same resistance to the white peach scale as Yabukita, it is slightly more resistant to anthracnose, but it is isn’t as resistant to the bacterial shoot blight.

Once the plant reaches maturity, it has a greater yield than Yabukita.

Shizukaori is considered to have a high quality aroma and taste.

The aroma is sweet and floral, similar to vanilla. It’s also fresh and refreshing.

It has a strong umami taste, with some sweetness and freshness.

Finally, its liquor has a yellow-green color.

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