Ooika Tsuji’s Asahi Shirakawa Uji Matcha

Ooika Tsuji's Asahi Shirakawa Uji Matcha

Ooika specializes in single cultivar matcha.

They import the tea leaves from Japan and grind them in the US.

This matcha from the Asahi cultivar is made in the Shirakawa district of Uji city.

It’s also hand-picked.

Tasting a matcha from Uji

The aroma is very fresh and sweet.

It feels as if it had been recently milled in Japan. I can’t tell the difference.

Also, the matcha has a vivid green color.

I’m certain that it’s going to taste great.

After adding the water, I smell more sweetness and vegetal freshness with marine notes.

Very pleasant.

Ooika Tsuji's Asahi Shirakawa Uji matcha brewed

Once whisked, it has a creamy and complex taste.

It’s not that strong, I feel an overall mild and balanced flavor.

I’m not sure how to describe it well, but it feels smooth.

There’s a good umami taste, with no bitterness nor astringency.

It has a long and enjoyable aftertaste.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent matcha.

Not only does the tea farmer know what he’s doing, the tea was correctly stored, shipped to the US, and finally ground in the right way.

As always, my wife who is the biggest matcha drinker in the house decided to keep it.

This is the link to the product page.

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