Chashitsu ZerO

Chashitsu ZerO

Many tea ceremony schools in Japan were closed during the pandemic.

This led Okochi Sachi from the Senshin-an tea ceremony school to make a small tea room (chashitsu) that would fit in people’s homes.

The “O” in ZerO makes reference to the ensō (円相), a circular shape than in Zen means enlightenment, the universe, and the void.

The tea room is easy to assemble and has walls made of a durable cardboard.

It has two original tatami mats for the floor, and a translucent ceiling made with washi paper.

There’s also a hanging scroll that says 本来無一物, meaning that everything starts from nothing (zero) and eventually becomes nothing (zero).

To make the tea room even more authentic, it features a nijiriguchi. It’s a small entrance that forces one to crawl inside and thus become humble.

Finally, it includes a special incense that adds to the mood.

I would love to have my own small tea room in my apartment.

While I don’t practice the tea ceremony, having my own space free of distractions would be great.


Not just for tea. It must be useful for meditating or being alone with one’s thoughts.

I don’t know if they ship outside Japan, but here’s the link just in case.

Do you have a tea room at home?

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