Senbird Tea Moriki Fukamushicha

Senbird Tea Moriki fukamushicha

Lately I’ve been drinking more sencha than any other tea. It has become a habit.

And I’m often drinking fukamushi sencha, like this one from Senbird Tea.

Moriki Fukamushicha comes from Shizuoka prefecture. It’s made by tea farmer Takayasu Makiuchi.

The site also says that it’s a first harvest tea.

Tasting a deep steamed sencha

This tea has a creamy and sweet aroma. It must be from the first harvest.

As all deep steamed sencha, its leaves are visibly broken down.

One difference I notice is that it has some stems, but it is still a tea with good appearance.

I’ll prepare it in the usual manner: a teaspoon of tea leaves with 60 ml (2 oz) of water at 80°C (176°F). The infusion time is just 40 seconds.

The aroma of the wet leaves is fresh and vegetal. There are also light marine notes.

I would guess that it is made from the Yabukita cultivar.

Senbird Tea Moriki fukamushicha brewed

This first infusion has a light green color.

Let’s see how it tastes like.

It’s a balanced flavor, with a good umami taste. Not bitter nor astringent.

An easy to drink sencha.

But I still want more green tea. So after another 40 seconds I obtain a liquor that is much greener than before.

The taste of this second infusion is very similar to the first. Quite good.

Time for a third infusion with the same parameters.

Now it’s a darker shade of green. Much less umami taste and some astringency. Not bad.

Finally, I made a fourth infusion in the same manner. Same color but a lighter flavor.

It’s a good fukamushicha to drink every day.

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