Podcast 006: Mellow Monk

my japanese green tea podcastMellow Monk is an online tea company that sells Japanese teas from the Kumamoto prefecture.

I interviewed Paul Kotta, Mellow Monk’s founder, who personally meets and buys from artisans that produce single-estate tea at a small scale.

The type of green tea produced in the region is tamaryokucha.

Unlike most Japanese teas, these leaves are curly. It’s an uncommon tea outside Japan, you should definitely try it. Even better, Mellow Monk’s artisanal teas are all reasonably priced and of very good quality.

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  1. Mary
    April 26, 2014

    My family are great lovers of Japan, its culture and its people. We grieve over the Fukushima disaster and the resultant radiation pollution. We are now extremely concerned re the effect on foods. The national standards have been downgraded and not all harmful radiation elements are being tested for. Apart from this, radioactive material from Fukushima has been burnt all over the country to spread the pollution (aka “share the pain”).
    I appreciate your care and devotion and that of the artisan growers.
    Is there any consolation you could give me as to the safety of your green teas?
    Many thanks and warm regards,


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