Trails to Oishii Tokyo: Japanese Tea (Documentary)

Trails to Oishii Tokyo: Japanese Tea (Documentary)

This is a tea documentary in English from NHK World, made in 2022.

Its about 30 minutes long.

Besides the basic information about Japanesetea, it has some interesting content.

For example, ichoucha, which is a withered green tea.

I’ll tell you more about this type of tea in the following post.

Another thing I liked was Shinkoju, a tea store that specializes in single cultivar Japanese tea.

Besides tea, the store sells potted tea plants from different cultivars. I’d love to visit one day.

Finally, there is Royal Blue Tea, which sells high end teas in wine bottles.

Click here to watch the documentary.

You’ll probably enjoy it.



  1. Tom Kn
    May 22, 2023

    Nice video, the cultivar shop and the fancy bottled teas are cool. The only problem is the usual beginner friendly informations. It is so difficult to find content that goes beyond the “What is japanese tea”… Also sending someone who basically knows nothing about tea is a huge miss. I would have like thousand questions in Shinkoju and probably would spend there 3 days straight.
    Anyway, thanks Ricardo the post about the video.

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      May 22, 2023

      Thanks for your comment Tom.

      I understand your feeling. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population doesn’t know much about tea so most of the content available is for beginners.

      If I lived in Japan and had the space, I would have definitely bought tea plants of different cultivars : )


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