Ocha & Co Organic Fukamushicha

Ocha and Co Organic FukamushichaI’ve had organic green teas before, but not an organic fukamushicha.

This tea was sent to me by Ocha & Co.

It has JAS organic certification and comes from Shizuoka, where deep steamed sencha is quite popular.

Because it is a vacuum sealed package, the tea comes as fresh as possible. It contains 100 grams.

The tea leaves smell very sweet. It surprised me.

While they are broken down, this is normal for this type of tea. The small bits of leaves do look fresh and have a desirable color.

What am I waiting for?

Let’s drink this fukamushi sencha.

Here’s how I prepared it: 3 grams of leaves, with 60 ml (2 oz) of water at 80°C (176°F) for 40 seconds.

I concentrated on the wet leaves first. It’s a slightly sweet aroma with marine tones.

Ocha and Co Organic Fukamushicha brewedI tried to filter the many sediments out of the cup for the picture.

Usually fukamushicha has a dark green color because the broken pieces dissolve quickly, but this time it’s a clear yellow.

It has a fresh taste, with good body.


With light astringency and even fewer bitterness, this tea is quite enjoyable.

For this type of tea, four infusions are easily achievable. I’ll go ahead and re-infuse it again.

Now the taste is a little stronger, as one can tell from the color of the liquor. But it still tastes good.

You can buy this tea here. Definitely a well made fukamushicha.

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