The Musashikaori Tea Cultivar

Musashikaori tea plantThe Mushashikaori tea cultivar, meaning “Musashi aroma” is named after the Musashi province, which encompassed what is now Tokyo and Saitama prefectures.

It was registered in 1997 as Japanese tea cultivar number 46, and is geared toward sencha production.

History of Musashikaori

To learn more about this cultivar, we have to go back to when Taiwan was a colony of the Japanese empire (1895 – 1945).

The Japanese started a tea research institute in Taiwan. They began promoting four local tea plant varieties, and one of them was Hard Stem Red Heart (硬枝紅心, Ying Zhi Hongxin).

Have you heard of the Jin Xuan cultivar in Taiwan, that’s used in Milk Oolong? Its origin is also traced back to Hard Stem Red Heart.

The Japanese crossed the Sayamamidori cultivar with a seedling from Hard Stem Red Heart, and labeled it as 27F1-73. In 1968, they crossed that cultivar with Yabukita, and the result was Musashikaori.

More about Musashikaori

Musashikaori is a late-budding cultivar. It’s harvested 2 to 4 days later than Yabukita, and has a slightly higher yield.

The mature leaves of Musashikaori are smaller than those of Yabukita, and it has a good resistance to cold weather.

When brewed, Musashikaori makes a tea that is comparable to Yabukita in quality, and has a characteristic aroma and umami flavor.


  1. lochan
    August 26, 2014

    Great information. It seems to come from some wonderful cultivars. So I am sure the taste and aroma will be super.

    We have a few Musashikaori in our Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in Nepal. If they survive we will propagate them and try to get a new type of tea. I am filled with excitement and anticipation as to how they will react to the Himalayan terroir as compared to say Saitama.

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      August 26, 2014

      Hi Lochan

      Sounds very interesting, I hope that your tea plants grow healthy and make an excellent tea.


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