Drinking Tea from a Wine Glass

drinking tea from a wine glass

I’m not sure if it’s the same all around the world, but in Japan it happens occasionally.

I rarely drink it this way, however.

This is done with cold brewed tea because most wine glasses are not heat resistant.

Why drink tea from a wine glass?

Some high quality teas come in a bottle

Yes, some bottled teas in Japan are of even higher quality than normal loose leaf teas and cost many times more.

I should probably write a full post about this.

But since these bottled teas come in what looks like a wine bottle, it feels natural to serve them in a wine glass.

Another reason for drinking tea from a wine glass is the popular Hario filter-in bottle. It also looks like a wine bottle.

Aroma and color

For fragrant teas, the aroma might be easier to smell in a wine glass.

Although it’s true that most of the aroma of a tea can be felt in the wet leaves as opposed to the liquor.


The color of the liquor can also be enjoyed in a wine glass. It’s part of the reason why some people like to use glass teapots.

I do have a pair of small glass teacups myself.

Just for fun

Psychologically, when we drink from a fancy or elegant vessel, we value it more than if it was a cheap one.

It’s not the same to drink matcha from a paper cup as opposed to a very expensive matcha bowl, for example.

So I think that drinking a cold infusion of a good quality green tea in a wine glass will give you a different experience.

If you’re into wine, you can also try tasting tea in the same manner.

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