California Tea House Stone Ground Ceremonial Matcha

California Tea House stone ground ceremonial matcha

I received this sample from California Tea House. It’s the first time that I taste one of their teas.

The website doesn’t offer much information about this matcha, such as origin.

Let’s see if it’s really a ceremonial grade matcha or not.

Last tea review of 2020

Just a few days remain before the new year starts.

I consider myself lucky because my family and I didn’t become infected with the coronavirus. But it was still a tough year, to say the least.

The aroma of this tea is sweet and vegetal. It feels fresh.

I’ll take a a good look at its appearance now.

It would be better if it the color was a brighter green. But it’s still acceptable.

Up to now I find it very likely that it is a ceremonial matcha.

It’s time to add some hot water.


Before whisking it, I can feel a marine aroma and notes of asparagus.

California Tea House stone ground ceremonial matcha brewed

The foam has a good appearance.

Let’s taste it.

It has a creamy consistency.

The bitterness and astringency are light.

I’ll describe it as a bold matcha with umami taste and a vegetal flavor.

I’m convinced that it is a ceremonial grade.

My conclusion is that this is a basic ceremonial matcha, good for everyday drinking.

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