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This wagashi is very common in Japan.

Dorayaki consists of red bean paste between two pancakes.

It’s fluffy and sweet.

One might think that it is a modern dessert, but it has a long history.

The pancakes are made with the same batter as the cake called castella, which was brought to Japan by the Portuguese more than 400 years ago.

At first it had only one layer. Its current shape was invented in 1914.

Dora means “gong” in Japanese. Because of the similarity in shape, this is probably the origin of the word dorayaki.

Besides the traditional one filled with anko (sweet bean pastes), there is also dorayaki with mochi, chestnuts, fresh cream, jam, etc.

If you’ve watched the famous anime character Doraemon, you probably know that dorayaki is his favorite food.

This wagashi is quite easy to make. I have even made it myself.


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