Cyber Chakai

On January of this year, an event called Cyber Chakai (サイバー茶会) was held in Japan.

It is sort of a tea ceremony but with the use of a projecting technology from Fujitsu called Izumina.

The idea behind this is to make the tea ceremony less intimidating to beginners and foreigners.

With the help of sensors, instructions are projected on the floor at the correct location and time.

Relevant areas and items (like the matcha bowl) are illuminated when it is their turn to be used.

The tea room itself is decorated with virtual landscapes and a projected hanging scroll.

Guests can also play a tea tasting game and write virtual notes.

It’s very interesting, and supports my thoughts written in an earlier post about the tea industry in the metaverse.

Here’s a video for you to get a better idea:

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