The Tea Industry in the Metaverse

While it may take many years before we are continuously having virtual and augmented reality experiences, I think that it is inevitable.

After all, a lot of us are still working from home right now.

As I prepared my tea, I wondered how the tea industry might change because of the metaverse.

These are just my random ideas of what might happen:

Virtual tea tours

In the future we will be able to have immersive experiences around the world without leaving our room.

How about a virtual tour of tea houses, tea factories, and tea fields with your friends?

Below is a simple 360-degree video where you can watch a Japanese tea ceremony.

Imagine how much more fun it would be if the technology improves greatly.

For example you could ask questions and interact with the host in real time, as well as your friends.

I also read somewhere that technologies to feel texture and temperature with virtual reality are already under development.


Buying tea with the help of augmented reality

Perhaps instead of bulky VR goggles we’ll have VR sunglasses.

Then we could tell everything about a specific packaged tea in the physical world, as long as that information is online: origin, harvest, reviews, etc.

With blockchain technology, it might be more difficult to have fake reviews and fake teas in the market.

Perhaps it would also be easier to sell or trade a tea that you won’t be drinking.

And of course, buying anything through the metaverse will be easy and quick.

What about the social aspect of tea?

Currently, tea is best enjoyed in the same physical place.

But as time goes by, a virtual meeting with fellow tea lovers might get to be a pretty close experience to the real thing.

Suppose that you will be having a virtual tea party with friends.

If everyone has the same samples, and a brewing machine that can make tea in a very precise way, then you can be sure that everyone is enjoying a very similar tea.

Tea education can also improve

I guess that this ties with everything else.

One current problem is that it’s not easy to learn about tea if you don’t have a tea community in your local area.

But in the metaverse, physical distance won’t matter much.

I think that another barrier right now is language.

Once technology overcomes that, it will be very easy to communicate with members of the tea industry at the other side of the world.

It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities.


  1. Nicole Wilson
    December 7, 2021

    Super interesting post, Ricardo! I’ve never been big on VR, but the idea of being able to tour a tea farm virtually just might change my mind on that.

  2. Bill
    December 8, 2021

    Interesting ideas.


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