Professional Tea Session With Obubu Team

Professional tea session with Obubu teamI had the pleasure of attending a professional tea session with Obubu.

The way I found out about this service was through Obubu’s newsletter. It sounded interesting, so I gave it a try.

It is one hour long, and it can be done virtually, which was what I did.

Why take Obubu’s Professional Tea Session?

If you’re in the tea business, or aspire to be in it, this is your chance to learn from an established company. Obubu Tea Farms does it all: They know about cultivation and production, they run a tea house, they sell tea online, and even conduct tea tours.

In my case, I recently started an online tea store in my country, Kyusu Teas. I had questions regarding tea tastings, and about the online business inĀ  general.

First I wrote an email explaining what topics were to be discussed, and then we scheduled the session.

I attended the session through Skype, and was greeted by Simona (International affairs) and Yasuharu (Vice President and certified Japanese tea instructor).

Yasuharu, also known as “Matsu”, speaks English and understood all that I told him. Simona also helped to better clarify things.

Sometimes the internet connection would be lost, but it was quickly fixed. Overall, I had a good time in the tea session and all of my questions were answered.

It was a unique learning experience, and the price is quite affordable. What I liked the most is that Obubu team doesn’t just interact with you as a customer, but as a friend.

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