The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury (Book Review)

The Ultimate Tea Lover's TreasuryThis is the third edition of The Tea Lover’s Treasury, written by James Norwood Pratt.

He’s one of the most famous authors in the tea world.

I bought this and another of his books when I met him at the World Tea Expo this year 🙂

The book is divided in three parts. Part one takes up about 75% of the book and it talks about the history of tea, all the way up to recent times when the specialty tea industry began to grow in the US.

James writes in short chapters, so it feels like a light reading even though the book has 314 pages.

I read the whole book in two days and there was never a dull moment. Instead of pages of dense history, it feels like following a story.

The second part of the book deals with the major tea producing countries and a few of the minor ones.

Some of the better known teas for each country are also covered in detail.

The final chapter is about the different ways to brew tea, like for example how to prepare tea in gongfu style.

I very much liked this book, no wonder it has reached the third edition.

You’ll be surprised how much of the world’s history was changed because of tea.


Click here to see the book’s page in Amazon.

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