Smile Tea Organic Houjicha

Smile Tea Organic HoujichaSmile tea is a new brand created for selling through Amazon.

It’s manufactured in Kagoshima prefecture by Kagoshima Seicha.

They gave me this sample at the World Tea Expo.

I must admit that I haven’t reviewed a houjicha in more than a year.

I do drink houjicha at least once a week, but tea companies usually prefer to have their sencha or matcha reviewed instead.

Reviewing a houjicha once again

The tea has a delicate roasted aroma, with notes of mint, chocolate and some sweetness.

It seems to have a light roast.

The leaves aren’t so brown as other houjicha that I’ve seen, some of them have a green hue to them.

I used 4 grams of tea, 120 ml of boiling water, and infused the tea for 30 seconds.

Smile Tea Organic Houjicha brewedThe wet leaves have a pleasant aroma, I think that it’s quite balanced.

There’s a roasted element but it’s not heavy. I can still feel sweetness and dark chocolate notes.

I’ve always liked the aroma of houjicha. It’s so different to other green teas.


This tea has a light brown liquor, it looks good.

So now all I need to do now is wait for it to cool down a bit and taste it.

I will describe it as a light and balanced houjicha.

One can feel freshness, roasted flavor, and light sweetness. I liked it.

A second infusion made in the same way had pretty much the same taste. The liquor was somewhat darker.

It’s a good quality houjicha that won’t dissapoint. Click here for the product page in Amazon.

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