Sencha Saketini Cocktail

Sencha SaketiniI love sake, some of my favorite cocktails have sake in them.

When you use sake as a base, a martini becomes a saketini!

Let’s make a sencha saketini. The flavors of sencha and sake combine well.

What you’ll need

How to make a sencha saketiniBrew the sencha beforehand, it should cool down before you mix it. Also make it stronger than usual, because you’ll need more flavor.

Important: save the steeped leaves because you’ll need them later!

I used a sencha that gave off a yellow color. If you want a green color, I suggest that you use a fukamushi sencha.

The specific brands of sake and gin doesn’t matter, use the ones you like most.

Ingredients inside the shakerHow to make it

Once you have your sencha ready, pour it inside the cocktail shaker along with sake, gin and some ice.

Start shaking until you feel that the shaker becomes very cold. Then pour it into your cocktail glass.

Now sprinkle the used tea leaves as a garnish, and that’s it!

I must warn you that I make my cocktails with less alcohol than most people. Experiment until you get the right mix for you

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