River & Stone Tea Asahi Matcha

river and stone tea asahi matcha

River & Stone Tea mills their own matcha in the US.

They import the tencha from Uji.

I’ve tried freshly milled matcha at the World Tea Expo, but this is the first time that I see it being sold online outside Japan.

I’ll review their Asahi ceremonial matcha, which is organic.

Let’s whisk it

The tin and paper packaging have a nice design.

This cultivar is often used for matcha in Uji, so I’m thinking that it will have a delicious taste.

But first, let’s smell it.

The aroma is quite sweet, with vegetal notes.

After taking some of the matcha out of the tin, I notice that it has a good color.

A bright green with no yellow hue.


Now let’s see what it smells like once I add hot water.

It’s a mellow sweetness with vegetal freshness.

The liquor also has a desirable green color.

river and stone tea asahi matcha brewed

Once whisked, this matcha has a creamy taste with a light sweetness.

It isn’t bitter nor astringent.

Besides that, it has a medium umami taste.

The sweetness lingers in the aftertaste.

Honestly, I can’t tell if there is a difference in freshness between milling in the US as opposed to a matcha that has been milled in Japan.

The aroma of this matcha isn’t as intense as some other Japanese matcha that I’ve tried.

Perhaps it has to do with this tea being organic?

Nevertheless, it is certainly good tasting.

You can find the product page here.

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