Naoki Matcha Ujitawara Special Blend

Naoki Matcha Ujitawara special blend

This tea is the latest addition to the masters collection of Naoki Matcha.

It consists of a blend of cultivars from Uji: Samidori and Ujihikari.

A matcha from this region, and from any of those two cultivars, has a good probability of offering a great experience.

Let’s see what this blend tastes like.

Reviewing a matcha blend from Uji

This matcha has an intense aroma, very sweet and fresh.

Its vivid green color is also desirable.

After I poured the hot water but before whisking the matcha, the fragrance became sweet and vegetal.

Then I whisked it and it frothed easily. The foam has a good color.

Naoki Matcha Ujitawara special blend brewed

At last, I can taste this matcha.

It is very smooth.


High umami and body, with a light sweetness.

It’s not very marine, and the vegetal flavor is toned down.

My opinion is that this blend is quite balanced, there’s a classical feel to it.

A very good matcha with no flaws.

Obviously, it isn’t bitter nor astringent.

I wish I could travel to Uji again one day. This tea made me feel nostalgic about that trip.

Here’s the link to the product page.

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