MyTeaPal App

MyTeaPal app

This new tea app is just what I was waiting for.

It works as a tea journal, keeps tracks of teas, and it has an integrated timer.

Plus, it’s free.

How MyTeaPal works

Once you install it, you can try it by adding a new tea.

You have the options to add a picture of the tea, it’s name, vendor, type of tea, origin, cultivar, how much of it is in your stash, etc.

Then you can choose it for brewing.

For the log of your tea tasting you can select your teaware if you like, by adding a picture and description.

Then you specify the weight of the tea, time, temperature, and finally you can start the timer.

After the timer stops, you can write down the notes of the last infusion. Yes, you can add more infusions in the same log with different brewing parameters.

There is a flavor dictionary so that you can include those tags, and you can also give a rating for the overall review of the tea.


One fun feature is an option to select a tea at random in case that you can’t decide what tea to drink ๐Ÿ™‚

There is currently no app that comes close. In fact, I just deleted an old post where I reviewed some tea apps years ago.

I highly recommend MyTeaPal app.

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