Daifuku (大福) is a very popular wagashi (traditional Japanese sweet) that has many variations.

Of course, this sweet is usually paired with green tea.

It’s essentially a stuffed mochi made into a round shape.

You’ve probably heard of mochi, which is a rice cake made with glutinous rice.

The most common filling for daifuku is anko, a sweet red bean paste.

I love the chewy texture and sweet taste of daifuku.

Besides the standard daifuku, there are also other types.

Types of daifuku

Mame daifuku: The mochi is mixed with soybeans or red peas.

Yomogi daifuku, or kusa daifuku: Yomogi is Japanese mugwort. Adding this ingredient results in a green mochi.

Shio daifuku: This daifuku is more salty as opposed to just sweet.


Awa daifuku: In this daifuku the mochi is mixed with foxtail millet. It has a light yellow color.

Daifuku filled with fruit: By far the most common one is the ichigo daifuku, which contains a strawberry. But other fruits can also be used.

Modern daifuku: Less traditional fillings include coffe, chocolate, custard, and ice cream, for example.

Have you ever tasted daifuku before?

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