Podcast 014: Sugimoto America

my japanese green tea podcastSugimoto America is a subsidiary of Sugimoto Seicha, a very old Japanese tea company.

I interviewed Noli Ergas and he shared a good amount of information regarding the company and its teas.

Noli also talks about temomi shincha (hand-rolled shincha) that the company makes in few amounts each year, and about sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

I’ll be reviewing this company’s products in later posts. I’m eager to do so 🙂

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2 Responses to Podcast 014: Sugimoto America

  1. Kathleen Sagmiller says:

    Ricardo Caicedo,
    Thank you for providing such an informative interview about Sugimoto America and Japanese Green tea, in America. I would love to listen to more tea information from you in the future.

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