Matcha Syrup

matcha syrup ingredientsCalled “matcha mitsu” (抹茶蜜) in Japan, matcha syrup is used for desserts and cocktails as well.

I’m sharing this recipe with you. It’s very easy to prepare.

First I looked at many different recipes in Japanese websites, but there’s not a standard recipe. They all vary slightly.

This is the one that I found to be simpler, and also good tasting.


  • 3 grams of matcha (about 4 scoops using the chashaku)
  • 2 oz of sugar by volume (60 ml, about 4 tbsp)
  • 1 oz of hot water (30 ml, 2 tbsp)

Let’s make matcha mitsu

matcha and sugar mixFirst, mix the matcha and the sugar.

The sugar will look nice and green 🙂

If you’re making a small amount of matcha syrup, you can add the hot water and mix with the tea whisk (chasen).

However, if you plan to make bigger quantities, you might want to consider heating the mixture in a pot and just stirring with a spoon.

matcha syrupAll the sugar should be dissolved into a thick and dark green liquid.

It should last two weeks in the refrigerator inside a closed container.

An easy way to use it is to pour it on top of a vanilla ice cream.

In future posts, I’ll tell you more about Japanese desserts that use this syrup.

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  1. Parkpume​ says:

    Interesting. Thank you. I thinking about using this syrup for salad.

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