Uji Matcha Curry Review

uji matcha curry

A friend gave me this Japanese souvenir. It’s a curry made with matcha!

This product is made by Itohkyuemon, a company that sells tea and sweets made with tea.

By the way, I love Japanese curry.

I prepare it at home at least once a month.

Let’s see if this one is tasty or not.

The curry comes inside a sealed bag, and it is almost in liquid form. Kind of like a paste.

This bag can be heated in the microwave or in boiling water. I decided to boil it.

I also prepared some vegetables and Japanese rice in order to enjoy with the matcha curry.

Amazingly, once I opened the bag I noticed that it had pieces of carrot, potatoes, and pork inside.

I thought that it only contained the curry sauce.

matcha curry
I may have added too much rice

The green color isn’t too appealing at first.

I’ll give it a try now.

The sauce is not as spicy as I expected, but it does taste like a real curry.

The matcha flavor is noticeable, it has just the right amount of bitterness.

Now that I think of it, the matcha is balanced very well in this curry.

You can even feel the freshness of the matcha in the throat.

It was much better than I expected.

I still prefer the normal Japanese curry, but I wouldn’t mind buying another matcha curry in the future.

However, this product isn’t normally available outside Japan.

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