The Terakawawase Tea Cultivar

Terakawawase cultivar
Image source: Oscar Brekell

The name Terakawawase (寺川早生) comes from Terakawa Toshio (寺川俊男), the registrant of this cultivar, and the term ” waseshu” (早生種) which refers to early budding cultivars.

It was developed for matcha production.

This cultivar was selected out of seedlings from a native tea plant in Uji city, Kyoto prefecture.

After applying in 1988, it was registered in 1990 with the number 2092 under the Seed and Seedling Law.

Characteristics of Terakawawase

Terakawawase has mature leaves that are slightly thin, of elliptical shape, medium size, and few creases.

It buds early and has a good yield at harvest.

Against anthracnose it has a medium resistance, and against the gray blight it is fairly strong.

When processed as a tencha it has a good color and taste, as well as a medium aroma.

I’ll review a tea made with this cultivar in the next post.

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