Sugimoto Tea Mizuki Matcha

Sugimoto Tea Mizuki matcha

I have heard many good things about this new product from Sugimoto Tea.

It’s the company’s best quality matcha. You can tell by looking at the price.

This tea from Yame in Fukuoka prefecture got sold out at the Northwest Tea Festival.

Let’s see how good it is.

Tasting a ceremonial matcha from Yame

I just love the smell of a good matcha. It’s my favorite tea in terms of aroma.

This one has a very surprising smell. It feels lightly roasted, similar to houjicha.

Yes, I know that it sounds strange. But it’s not so intense and besides, it is also sweet and creamy.

It doesn’t have the fresh and vegetal tones usually found in this type of green tea.

But it’s still a very enjoyable aroma, with much deepness to it.

By the way, although it has a roasted fragrance, it doesn’t mean that the tea leaves themselves were roasted. The color is a vivid green.


After adding the hot water, I smelled it again to see if there was any change.

It feels mellow, and not so marine. There is sweetness as well as the roasted aroma.

It’s time to whisk this dark green liquid. I’m confident to say that my whisking skill has increased greatly after practicing every day.

Sugimoto Tea Mizuki matcha brewed

After taking my time to take this picture (actually I took too long and some of the foam faded away) I can finally taste this matcha.

It’s very smooth, quite easy to drink.

There isn’t anything sharp about its taste. It doesn’t feel bitter at all.

And of course it is creamy and has a good umami taste.

Again, it doesn’t feel so vegetal. It also has a long, milky aftertaste.

An excellent matcha, no doubt.

While it’s not a traditional flavor, I’m sure that most people will find it delicious.

You can find it here in case that you’re interested.

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