Ryutsu Service Organic Matcha

Ryutsu Service organic matchaI’ve tried this matcha more than once, because Yoshiaki Hattori from Ryutsu Service has been coming to the World Tea Expo regularly.

But this is the first time that I was given a sample to take home, hence I can properly review it.

It’s organic, and made in Shizuoka prefecture.

Let’s whisk it up

This matcha smells very fresh, with a deep seawed aroma.

There’s also a light sweetness to it.

Since the color of the tea is bright green, it’s also a good sign.

The sample comes in a small package, and it doesn’t say much about it. But I remember being told that it’s a ceremonial grade matcha.

I used the standard preparation of 2 grams of matcha and 60 ml (2 oz) of hot water.

As I pour the water, the fresh aroma of matcha can be felt in the air.

Ryutsu Service organic matcha brewedAfter whisking, we have a good looking foam.

Again, it has a desirable bright green color.

This matcha’s taste is delicious.


It has a good body, with a creamy feeling to it.

I didn’t find it bitter at all, and the astringency was just right.

My thoughts are that it’s smooth and easy to drink.

I wish that the sample was bigger 🙂

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