Naoki Single Origin Mame Matcha

Naoki single origin mame matcha

This is a limited edition tea from Naoki Matcha.

It’s made from a single tea field in Shizuoka prefecture.

While it doesn’t specify the cultivar, this matcha has a distinctive aroma.

Deeply sweet, with roasted notes.

The powder itself has a desirable bright green color.

I think that It’ll have a great taste as well.

Let’s taste it

After pouring how water, I can feel a vegetal and sweet fragrance.

Once whisked, it makes a good layer of foam.

Naoki single origin mame matcha brewed

I like this flavor.

A creamy sensation, with fresh vegetal notes.


There’s plenty of umami taste, and no bitterness nor astringency.

Of course, the aftertaste is also very pleasant.

An excellent matcha, in my opinion.

Here’s the product page.

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