Matcha Pizza

I’ve seen matcha used as an ingredient for many dishes, but it has never occurred to me that a matcha pizza exists.

First I saw one from Japan through social media, and then I decided to do more research.

It’s not a very common dish, however. I asked some Japanese friends and they had never tasted it.

I think that it’s often a limited edition product.

Some of these pizzas are sweet, meant as desserts.

For example they might have sweet bean paste, matcha cream, chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows, etc.

The other type of matcha pizza is just a normal pizza but with matcha mixed in the dough so that it has a green color.

It’s not just in Japan, but in other Asian countries like Taiwan and Korea.

If a matcha pizza isn’t commercially available near you, don’t worry. You can make it yourself.

I’ve never made pizza from scratch, but here’s a video that I found:


I definitely want to learn more about making pizza dough in order to make my own version of the matcha pizza.


  1. Lisa Benson
    July 24, 2022

    I think I’d do this with sweet ingredients but I am not so sure about savory!

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      July 24, 2022

      Hi Lisa

      I suppose that it doesn’t look so different than a pizza with a lot of pesto sauce. But yes, I would also prefer to have the sweet version.

  2. wonderfulcook
    December 28, 2022

    Never heard of matcha pizza before. It does look more like a dessert. I’d like to give it try soon!


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