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Karukan (軽羹) is a traditional sweet from Kyushu.

It’s made with rice flour, Japanese mountain yam (山芋, yamaimo, Dioscorea japonica), sugar, and water.

Japanese mountain yam is the most important ingredient, because once grated it offers a slimy texture.

The original karukan is made into a long block and cut into square pieces.

But nowadays its most common form is the karukan manjū, which has a round shape and contains a red bean paste filling.

This steamed confectionery is spongy and elastic.

Although the recipe isn’t particularly difficult, it’s not easy to obtain all of the ingredients outside Japan.

Here’s a video with the recipe:


  1. Robert
    November 28, 2023

    Hi Robert

    I hope that you are having a wonderful day.

    I’m drinking sencha as usual. It’s been a calm day at the office so far.

    There’s a new post on the blog: karukan, a type of wagashi.

    Next week I’ll post a tea review.

    So i wonder which one sencha you are drinking ?

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      November 28, 2023

      It’s the Asatsuyu sencha from Dobashien.

      I reviewed it some weeks ago.


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