Kanes Organic Matcha Kaze

Kanes Organic Matcha KazeI have tasted many teas thanks to my friends at Kanes, but this is the first time that I review a matcha from them.

Their organic matcha kaze (ιΆ¨, wind) is an everyday matcha for both drinking and cooking.

It’s made in Shizuoka prefecture.

Let the matcha tasting begin

There are 30 grams of this matcha in a resealable package.

I opened it and found an aroma that is quite sweet and fresh. It’s very pleasant.

This sweetness impressed me the most.

The matcha has a good intensity of green color. So far it seems that it’s above average, taking into account its price.

Kanes Organic Matcha Kaze brewedTime to give it a try.

As the hot water came in contact with the matcha, the result was a slightly sweet and vegetal fragrance.

There isn’t much yellow hue about its liquor, which is a good sign.

I felt that it froths easily. I’m not so certain, because I believe that I’ve finally become better at whisking matcha after so much practice.

In its taste I detect a slight astringency and a bit of bitterness. Just what you would expect from a matcha for cooking and drinking.


There is also a good umami flavor, as well as some sweetness.

I’ve been drinking it with my wife at breakfast over the last days.

I consider this a good everyday matcha. It must produce great results when cooking with it.

I’m looking forward to trying a high grade matcha from Kanes next year.

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