Flowers + Tea (Book Review)

flowers + tea book review

I’ve been under much stress this week.

There are various reasons: problems with the economy that affect me directly, I’m moving to a new office, and a project’s progress is painfully slow.

But at least this book gave me short times of relaxation.

I briefly met this book’s author, Alexander Ahearn, many years ago at a World Tea Expo.

This book is from 2019, but to be honest I had forgotten to review it.

What kind of tea book is this?

Instead of being mostly text, this book has a lot of images.

Each tea has a large picture that includes a flower, and after that there are tasting notes and a poem.

The pictures are unique and beautiful.

I’m an ignorant about flowers, so I learned about different ones by searching online after watching them in this book for the first time.

There were also some teas that caught my interest. For example a green tea from Bhutan and a Taiwanese oolong called wood dragon.


What I did was to watch a few pages each morning.

It definitely helped me to start the day in a calm manner.

Another benefit of this book is that it is inexpensive.

Here’s the Amazon link.

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