Soba are a type of Japanese noodles. They are made with buckwheat flour and wheat flour.

There are different types of soba, but for this blog the most interesting one would be chasoba.

Chasoba has green tea (in powdered or extract form) as an ingredient. It’s often matcha.

The green color looks nice, in my opinion.

Soba is considered to be a healthy food. So with green tea, it can be even healthier.

However, some people are allergic to buckwheat. If you haven’t tried soba, you should be careful.

I think that the green tea taste in chasoba is pleasant. It’s not bitter, as some would imagine.

Note that chasoba and sobacha are two different things. Sobacha is an infusion made with buckwheat.

While it can be made from scratch, it’s easier to buy a package of chasoba and cook it at home as you would with a normal pasta.

Here’s the link to a chasoba sold by Amazon.


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