Podcast 002: Yunomi.us

my japanese green tea podcastThis time I’m interviewing Ian Chun from Yunomi.us. Since Yunomi.us specializes in Japanese tea, it’s a great match for the blog.

Ian was in Japan while I interviewed him, sometimes there’s a slight sound distortion but other than that the podcast went well.

He’s a very nice person and has a lot of knowledge regarding Japanese teas. I learned a lot on this podcast.

During the interview some Japanese terms came up and they were briefly explained, I’ll go more into detail on each topic in future blog posts.

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2 Responses to Podcast 002: Yunomi.us

  1. Very informative! I did not know about the kuradashi tea being used to make the best matcha 🙂

  2. felipe bad says:

    It was pretty interesting
    keep up good work
    can’t wait for next podcast.

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